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Premier Channel Partner of APC by Schneider Electric. Ensuring Reliable Power Backup and optimal Power Outage Prevention Since 2012.

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Elevate your business continuity with our industry-leading power protection offerings.

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Expert-led evaluations optimise your power consumption and backup efficiencies.

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Power protection is critical to homes and businesses as severe weather, cyber attacks, vandalism, and infrastructure threaten the reliability of American power. All of this while the climate conversation continues to push for a transition to renewable energy and more batteries.

Professionals at Ace Real Time Solutions, a Premier Channel Partner of APC BY SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, are here to support your power protection goals. 


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Power Partner


Ace Real Time Solutions is proud to be a Premier Channel Partner of APC by Schneider Electric since 2012.

Ace Real Time Solutions offers single and three phase UPS units, replacement batteries, extended battery packs, racks, switches, cooling devices, and environmental monitoring devices under the APC brand.

We combine APC products with Schneider Electric installation, power-up, assembly, and warranty services to create full service solutions for our customers.

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