Featured Products

At ACE Real Time Solutions, we take pride supplying quality, industry leading products and solutions for our clients. Below are just a few of the featured products we support and offer.

UPS Systems

We specialize in APC by Schneider Electric UPS solutions; including but not limited to, SmartUPS, Symmetra, BackUPS, as well as 3 phase solutions. Our UPS Systems offer ideal solutions for computers, servers, peripherals, voice and data communication systems, security systems. The product lines we recommend offer high quality power protection for critical communications, information, & security devices.

IT Racks

We are an industry leading supplier offering a wide range of IT racks and enclosures ranging from small IT closet configurations, all the way up to large data center configurations that will fit all of your organizational needs. Whether it’s a server cabinet, wall mount rack, network rack, or any other related item, we offer all of the accessories and organizational solutions for IT professionals and businesses.


Maintaining proper temperatures is a critical step to any IT configuration, which is why we offer many levels of cooling solutions to ensure your equipment will perform at optimum levels regardless of the environmental conditions. The trained professionals at ACE Real Time Solutions will access your facility and equipment and recommend real solutions to prevent electrical outages and overheating. We can also provide temperature and humidity sensors that will allow you to monitor the status of your data center and prevent overheating, before it is too late.


Through our unique range of services, we strive to help our clients improve their IT equipment and operations to ensure productivity, increased profit, and fully functional, long lasting equipment. We hire exceptional contractors and certified technicians to go on site and fix any IT problems you encounter. We offer a variety of standard warranties, extended warranties, on-site services as well as preventative maintenance and re-certifications based on the type of product you purchased.

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To learn more about the services we offer and the products we provide, we encourage you to contact us via our web form or give us a call at 401-424-1212.