Our Solutions For You

Standard Power Pack

Couple critical power protection elements all in one to get an out of the box power protection solution that will protect your critical devices for 5+ years. Ace will assess your business environment and build a custom Power Pack around four components.

1. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This will protect and power critical devices during electrical disturbances.

2. Battery Pack. This will provide additional runtime based on your unique situation.

3. Replacement Battery. This will get you through 6 – 10 years of expected battery life.

4. Extended Warranty. This will protect your UPS through APC BY SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC for up to six years, depending the UPS type.

Retail, healthcare, defense, industrial, among others, are operating at speed and scale everyday. Make sure your team can maintain connectivity and productivity during even the most unreliable circumstances.

Custom Power Pack

Need additional hardware or services not included in our Basic Power Pack? Do not worry! Our team will walk through your environment to recommend hardware and services to fill out your power protection solution.

1. Racks. Choose from the high quality NetShelter product line with wall mounted, noise reducing, seismic stabilized, and closed or open racks compatible with APC UPS units.

2. Accessories. Include the air flow, cable management, and temperature influencing devices that will keep your power protection solution and critical devices operating in a stable environment. 

3. Environmental Monitoring. Monitor the temperature, humidity, and room access through APC’s state of the art devices, along side network management capabilities. No interface concerns as all devices are designed and manufactured by APC.

4. Services. Bring a qualified APC technician on-site to install and assemble your new Custom Power Pack, and get an APC evaluation of your environment and where to mitigate risk now and in the future.

Working on the edge means your business needs to stay up and running – 24/7/365. A Customer Power Pack from Ace is designed to fit your work environment, so your team is always up and running!